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I believe in empowering bloggers to FIND THEIR TRUE PASSION + SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD.

Have you ever felt like you were born to do something on this God-given earth but you haven’t had the opportunity to tap into it’s fulness yet?! That’s exactly how this blog thing got started for me! I knew I needed to do something great, but never did I imagine, in my wildest dreams, that it would lead me here! 

My path to becoming a blogger started with a self-healing, soul-seeking journey. In 2016, I was faced with a question as I prayed out loud, “What was the moment that I started to look for you, Jesus?” In that moment, I was reminded of a poem I wrote entitled “Dear God, Why Me?” As I sat on the floor of my bedroom recollecting the words of that poem, I realized what that poem was truly about. A trigger went off in my mind and a memory flashed before my eyes of a painfully, traumatic event that happened fifteen years prior. As I stood there paralyzed by my fear, I began to start my search for the help that I greatly needed. 

So I turned on my computer, and went to Google. I searched “Post Traumatic Stress Blogs”, “Journal Blogs”, “Diary Blogs”, “PTSD Blogs”… but I could find nothing. In that moment, I knew I needed to create it. 

I began to take a long and painful journey, day in and day out, towards healing my mind and soul from Post Traumatic Stress, Depression and Anxiety. In the process I never expected that I would also discover my true passion for life, helping other women (just like you!) find what lights their soul on fire. 

“This blog was built for the broken souls that feel lost or afraid.. It was made for the ones that fight fears, insecurities and little wars each and every day. It was crafted for those that are looking for the healing that their souls is longing for. Stick around, your answers could be here…”


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